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New White Knit
New White Knit is the premium wiping rag for those who paint, stain, apply varnish or dust. These smooth white rags are specially cut from knitted t-shirt material.

Paint spills and cleanup

Staining and varnishing

Polishing and dusting

Recycled White Knit
White Knits are a popular, less-expensive version of New White Knits. Cut from white t- shirts and other recycled knit apparel, they are soft, absorbent and lint-free.

Paint spills and cleanup

Staining and varnishing

Polishing and dusting

General use

Unbleached Knit
Unbleached Knit is ideally suited for the staining industry. These off-white wiping rags are cut to an ideal size from unbleached knit material and are soft and lint-free.


Diapers (New and Recycled)
Diaper material is the favorite wiping cloth for automotive detailers. They are uniform in size, white, very soft and absorbent.

Automotive detailing

Furniture polishing

White Napkins
White napkins are actually napkins and cut linen tablecloths. These white cotton wipers are uniformly sized and absorbent.

House cleaning

Dusting and polishing

General uses

White Flannel
White flannel is a great wiper for staining and polishing wood furniture and floors. They are thin cotton blankets often found in hospitals and are cotton, soft and absorbent.

Staining and polishing

All purpose

White Terry Bar Towels
These two-sided terry towels are ideal for cleanup. These new, uniformly sized, 100% cotton reusable towels are highly absorbent and multipurpose.


Washcloths are great for people in the tile and stone installation industries. They are cotton terry, uniformly sized for workers’ hands, and absorbent for multiple uses.

Tile and stone installation


White Turkish Towels
These are terry towels used for heavy duty cleanup. They are recycled from bath towels and other terry towels used at home, and are thick, highly absorbent and soft.


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