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  Industries/Occupations/Tasks Applicable Wiper or Towel    
  Janitorial Services Surgical Towels, White Terry Bar Towels, Turkish Towels, White Flannel, White Knit, White Napkins, Diapers    
  Industrial Production
and Manufacturing
Industrial White and Color, Hospital Gowns, Sheeting, Colored Knit, Table Linens, Sweatshirts, Thermal Blankets, Spill Pads, Spill Wipes, Colored Napkins    
  Maintenance Turkish Towels, Industrial Color, Colored Knit, Hospital Gowns, Washcloths, Spill Wipes    
  Painters and Stainers New White Knit, Recycled White Knit, Diapers    
  Construction Industrial White and Color, Thermal Blankets, Colored Flannel, Colored Knit, Colored Napkins    
  Studio and Set Production Turkish Towels, White Flannel, Recycled White Knit, Hospital Gowns, Sheeting, Spill Pads    
  Municipalities and School Districts Surgical Towels, Turkish Towels, Recycled White Knit, Industrial White, Colored Knit, Sheeting, HEF (non-woven)    
  Ship Suppliers Colored Turkish, Colored Knit, Spill Pads, Colored Flannel, Spill Wipes    
  Aerospace Industry Sheeting, New White Knit, Diapers, HEF (non-woven)    
  Fiberglass Manufacturing HEF (non-woven), White Knit    
  Tile and Stone Installation Washcloths, White Flannel, Turkish Towels, Hospital Gowns, White Knit    
  Polishing Spill Wipes, Turkish Towels, Colored Sweatshirts, HEF (non-woven)    
  Utilities Recycled White Knit, Colored Knit, Sheeting, Spill Wipes, Colored Napkins, Turkish Towels    
  Food Service HEF (non-woven), White Terry Bar Towels    
  Detailers, Boat Owners and Boat Yards Diapers    
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